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Clinical Dietician

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13+ years of experience.

Consulted 5000+ clients.

Mrs. Urvi Kaushal Vakharia believes that a healthy outside starts from the inside which can be achieved by healthy and smart eating through natural food and not by Powder, Pills and Starvation.

She wants to create something that would seamlessly fit in your life and create a lasting change, Her goal is not only to look beyond weight loss but to help one adopt better eating habits and transition to a permanent healthy lifestyle.

An experienced practitioner of good health, Mrs. Urvi Kaushal Vakharia has 13+ years of experience and has consulted over 5000+ clients. With a Specialization in Dietetics and Sports Science and Nutrition, She also specializes in customized diet plan taking into consideration patient's lifestyle, work profile, Timings and their likes and dislikes as well as therapeutic diet plan for the patients suffering from medical issues such as diabetes, heart ailments, thyroid, obesity etc.

Mrs. Urvi Kaushal Vakharia is always on the look out for her clients and ensures that they spend less time worrying and more time living.

Dt. Urvi Kaushal Vakharia is a dietician and nutritionist based in Mulund West, Mumbai. She specializes in sports nutrition and has helped numerous patients in managing diabetes, weight loss, post pregnancy weight loss, hypothyroid, weight management, cholesterol management and PCOD management. Her patients have great faith on her as Dt. Urvi Kaushal Vakharia believes that wellness begins from inside which can be achieved through healthy and smart food. Instead of encouraging her patients to take help of powder, pills and starvation, she inspires her patients to believe in wholesome wellness which combines healthy food with good exercise.

Dt. Urvi Kaushal Vakharia has consulted over 5000 clients in her 13+ year career. As she has specializes in sports nutrition as well, a part of her patients also belong to the field of games and sports. She treats all her patients individually and prepares customized diet plan after carefully considering the patient?s profile, lifestyle, their likes and dislikes and medical conditions.

In 2004, Dt. Vakharia completed her BHSC in Dietics from SVT SNDT College in Santa Cruz in 2004. The next year, she completed her post graduate diploma in sports medicine and nutrition from the same university. The same year, she also received her diploma degree in diet and nutrition from SNDT Women's University. In 2005, she was absorbed as the consultant dietician in Talwalkar's in Mumbai. From 2007 to 2010, she went on to become the consultant dietician at VLCC and continued her job there till 2015.

Apart from her illustrious career, Dt. Vakharia has also received numerous awards such as Excellent Performance in Slimming Service Delivery for having the maximum number of successful clients. In 2009, she also received the Magic Hand Award for Outstanding Performance in VLCC. Dt. Urvi Kaushal Vakharia was also responsible for conducting a successful seminar on Eat Healthy and Live Healthy at Rotary Club in Mumbai in 2007.

You can always fix an appointment with her at Clinico Diagnostic India Private Limited at Mulund West in Mumbai.

A Natural way of improving your health.

Urvi Vakharia is pleased to offer a scientific based healthy weight loss program as well as life style changes wellness program which will be specifically customized by her according to the client's / patient's need.

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